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Jadeite Jade Lucky Ruyi, Ru Yi, Pi Xiu 如意, 貔貅, Pendant Hand Carved Necklace, YW-0110-1646450795

Jadeite Jade Lucky Ruyi, Ru Yi, Pi Xiu 如意, 貔貅, Pendant Hand Carved Necklace, YW-0110-1646450795

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Hand Carved Ruyi Pendant with Pi Xiu Necklace

Stone Type: Natural Jadeite Jade (Grade A)
Pendant Height: 1.64 Inches
Pendant Width: 1.21 Inches
Pendant Thickness: 0.17 Inches
Pendant Weight: 10.98 grams
Translucency: Opaque to Semi-translucent
Item Number: YW-0110-1646450795
Unique ID: GJ880296426

NATURAL JADE: This is a high grade jadeite jade pendant necklace. It is exquisitely hand carved. It is is one of a kind! The pendant is completely natural jade, un-dyed, and in its natural form.

CARVING: This pendant is carved in the form of a lucky symbol - Ruyi, meaning "Everything goes your way". This is a pendant that is said to bring wealth and good luck in Chinese culture. The back has two hand carved ancient money coin symbols, which symbolize wealth and prosperity. There is a Pi Xiu, a Chinese mythological dragon lion, hand carved wrapping around the ruyi in the carving. Both these symbols are very auspicious symbols that bring wealth and good fortune to its wearer.

JADE COLOR: This particular piece features beautiful olive green tones with hints of yellow across the carving. It is very beautiful art piece that flows withe natural colors and variance of the jade stone. It is semi-translucent stone and allows light to shine through when held against the light or sun. This allows for a "glowing effect" when light reflects on the stone, which is beautiful under natural sunlight. This is a premium quality in jadeite jade.

NECKLACE: Adjustable. One size fits all.

GIFT BOX: It comes with a gift box! Ready to gift!

MINOR IMPERFECTIONS: This piece is hand carved and completely natural. It may have small imperfections from the natural stone or hand carving art. Depending on your lighting, monitor screen, or phone screen, the stone may look slightly different in color. Pictures are of the actual item you will receive.

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