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Jade Filipino Sun

Hand carved with genuine jade, this piece is a tribute to the iconic Filipino Sun symbol.

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Buddha Collection

Natural Genuine Jade

Our artisan jade pieces are made from natural jadeite and nephrite jade - un-dyed and untreated. Each piece is uniquely carved and one of a kind! There are over 1100+ unique selections to choose!

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  • Hand Carved Grade A Jade Dragon

    Natural Jade

    Our pieces are made from natural un-dyed and untreated jade. Crafted from high quality and premium jade, our pieces are unique and one of kind.

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  • Hand Carved Red Jadeite Jade Landscape Natural Scenery

    Hand Carved Jade

    Our jade art is crafted by our master jade carvers. Trained in the art of jade carving since young ages, these master carvers create beautiful one of a kind pieces.

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  • Genuine Jade

    Our pieces are all created from genuine jadeite or nephrite jade. Only genuine jade creates long lasting, unique, and quality pieces.

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