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Angel Wings Jade Pendant, Grade A Jadeite Jade Pendant, WMC-0323-000365

Angel Wings Jade Pendant, Grade A Jadeite Jade Pendant, WMC-0323-000365

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Stone Type: Natural Jadeite Jade (Grade A)
Pendant Size: ~1.28 x 0.85 x 0.16 in.
Pendant Weight: 6.15 g & 6.58 g
Translucency: Semi-translucent to Opaque
Unique ID: GTC-ZJ23032741174-5788

DESCRIPTION: A meticulously hand-carved pair of jade angel wings, each feather intricately detailed, showcasing the masterful artistry and precision of the craftsman. The jade used in these wings is of a high-quality, with subtle variations in shading that add depth and realism to the feathers.

The wings are symmetrical, with a gentle curve that suggests a poised elegance, as if caught in a moment of serene stillness. Each feather is individually carved, with fine lines etched to mimic the natural texture of feather barbs, creating a lifelike appearance. The overall effect is one of breathtaking beauty, blending the ethereal qualities of angelic wings with the earthly, grounding presence of jade stone. This pair of wings exudes a sense of peace and protection, making it not only a remarkable piece of art but also a symbol of guardianship and purity.

Adjustable Necklace.

MINOR IMPERFECTIONS: The item is hand carved and natural so it may have imperfections because of the nature of stone or the carving - part of the charm of carved jade! Pictures may have slight color variations depending on your viewing device.
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  • Genuine Jade

    Our products are crafted with authentic natural grade A jadeite or nephrite jade. Only jadeite or nephrite stone is considered jade.

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    Every individual jade piece is intricately carved, telling its own unique story and embodying distinctiveness.

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    We have an extensive array and variety of jade in our collection encompassing thousands of styles.