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Azure Verdant Tiger Pendant, Jadeite Jade Tiger Pendant, Green Blue Jade, 3-D Hand Carved Pendant, WMC-0323-0006149-2

Azure Verdant Tiger Pendant, Jadeite Jade Tiger Pendant, Green Blue Jade, 3-D Hand Carved Pendant, WMC-0323-0006149-2

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Azure Verdant Tiger Pendant

Stone Type: Natural Jadeite Jade (Grade A)
Pendant Size: 1.83 x 0.86 x 0.35 in.
Pendant Weight: 15.03 g
Translucency: Opaque to Semi-translucent
Unique ID: GTC-ZJ23030930969-7501

NATURAL JADE: This is a grade A jadeite jade pendant necklace. It is exquisitely hand carved. It is one of a kind! The pendant is completely natural jade, un-dyed and in its natural form.

CARVING: Introducing the "Azure Verdant Tiger" - a mesmerizing blue-green jade tiger hand-carved 3D pendant. Crafted with precision and artistry, this pendant captures the essence of a majestic tiger in its natural elegance.

The blue-green jade brings a unique and enchanting color palette to the piece, reminiscent of tranquil waters and lush landscapes. The three-dimensional carving skillfully portrays the tiger's power and grace, with lifelike details in its fur, expressive eyes, and dynamic pose. The fusion of the vibrant blue and green hues with the fierce elegance of the tiger creates a captivating and harmonious composition.

Wear the "Azure Verdant Tiger" as a symbol of strength, courage, and natural beauty. This hand-carved jade pendant not only serves as a stunning accessory but also tells a tale of the wild, making it a distinctive and cherished addition to your jewelry collection.

JADE COLOR: The colors of this jade piece have beautiful green blue tones. It is absolutely stunning hand carving, you can see the details of the tiger. When you wear it, it really stands out in the room! Semi-translucent.

NECKLACE: Adjustable. One size fits all.

GIFT BOX: It comes with a gift box. Ready to gift!

MINOR IMPERFECTIONS: The item is hand carved and natural so it may have imperfections because of the nature of stone or the carving - part of the charm of carved jade! Pictures are of the actual item you will receive.
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