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Bodhisattva's Blessing Pendant, Guan Yin Lavender Jade Pendant with 18K Gold, 观音, Lady Buddha, YGR-0223-1705692652

Bodhisattva's Blessing Pendant, Guan Yin Lavender Jade Pendant with 18K Gold, 观音, Lady Buddha, YGR-0223-1705692652

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Bodhisattva's Blessing Pendant (Pendant Only)

Stone Type: Natural Jadeite Jade (Grade A)
Pendant Size: 2.17 x 2.17 x 0.45 in.
Pendant Weight: 35.58 g
Pendant Bail/Frame: 18K Solid Gold (fits up to 5.5 mm chain)
Translucency: Opaque to Semi-translucent
Unique ID: GTC-DY23022404135-0431

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*Optional GIA certificates take 4-5 weeks and will cost $175.00. Please contact for more information.

NATURAL JADE: This is a high grade jade pendant necklace. The pendant is completely natural jadeite jade (Grade A). Picture is of the actual item you will receive.

CARVING: The Bodhisattva's Blessing Guan Yin Pendant - this magnificent pendant is a harmonious fusion of spiritual depth and exquisite artistry, designed for those who seek both elegance and meaning in their jewelry.

At the center of this piece is a beautifully sculpted figure of Guan Yin, the embodiment of compassion and mercy in Buddhist tradition, carefully crafted from the finest lavender jade. The jade's subtle lavender hues evoke a sense of calm and spiritual well-being, resonating with the peaceful demeanor of Guan Yin.

Encircling this serene depiction is a stunning frame of 18K solid gold, meticulously designed to enhance the delicate features of the bodhisattva. The gold, with its enduring luster, symbolizes the eternal nature of Guan Yin's loving kindness and the unyielding strength of faith. A highlight of this pendant is the lotus detail, intricately carved on the back. The lotus, a powerful symbol of purity, rebirth, and enlightenment in Buddhist lore, adds a layer of deep spiritual symbolism to the piece, making it not just an accessory but a profound statement of inner peace and spiritual growth.

JADE COLOR: Purple, Green, Semi-Translucent

CHAINS: Chains are an additional price to pendant.

GIFT READY: Comes with a gift box. Perfect for gifts!

MINOR IMPERFECTIONS: Please note that carving art and natural stone products may contain imperfections due to the inherent nature of the stone itself. As natural materials, variations in texture, color, and pattern are normal and should be expected. Also, colors displayed on screens, monitors, and mobile phone screens may vary due to variations in display settings and calibration. We strive to provide accurate representations of our products using natural light photography; however, please consider these factors when buying.
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