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Guardian of Prosperity Pi Xiu Figurine, Jadeite Jade Pixiu Hand Carved Statue, 貔貅 Figurine, Display, Decoration, YJ-1221-0291191

Guardian of Prosperity Pi Xiu Figurine, Jadeite Jade Pixiu Hand Carved Statue, 貔貅 Figurine, Display, Decoration, YJ-1221-0291191

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Guardian of Prosperity Pi Xiu Figurine

Stone Type: Natural Jadeite Jade (Grade A)
Figurine Size: 3.08 x 1.82 x 1.46 in.
Pendant Weight: 242.50 grams
Unique ID: GDTC-63212125299

NATURAL JADE: This is a high grade natural jade pendant. It is exquisitely hand carved and is natural, un-dyed, and in its natural form.

CARVING: This exquisite hand-carved jade figurine features a majestic Pi Xiu, a powerful creature in Chinese mythology known for attracting wealth and protecting its owner. The figurine showcases a harmonious blend of green, light green, and gray hues, highlighting the natural beauty of the jade. The Pi Xiu, intricately detailed, stands proudly with a Ru Yi scepter on its back, symbolizing power, authority, and good fortune. The lucky coin carved at the bottom enhances its auspicious nature, making this piece a potent emblem of prosperity and success. The Pi Xiu is revered for its ability to attract wealth, ward off evil spirits, and protect its owner from misfortune. Combined with the Ru Yi scepter and the lucky coin, this figurine embodies a trifecta of luck, power, and prosperity, ensuring that its owner is blessed with continuous good fortune and protection.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: Hand-carved by a master artisan, this figurine represents the pinnacle of jade craftsmanship. The detailed features of the Pi Xiu, from its fierce expression to the intricate patterns on its body, demonstrate the skill and dedication of the carver. Each piece is a unique work of art, taking weeks to complete, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike.

JADE COLOR: blend of green, light green, and gray hues

DISPLAY STAND: Includes the round hand carved wood display stand as pictured in listing.

GIFT BOX: Comes with a gift box. Perfect for gifts!

MINOR IMPERFECTIONS: This piece is hand carved and completely natural. It may have small imperfections from the natural stone or hand carving art. Depending on your lighting, monitor screen, or phone screen the stone may look slightly different in color. Picture is of the actual item you will receive.
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    Our products are crafted with authentic natural grade A jadeite or nephrite jade. Only jadeite or nephrite stone is considered jade.

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