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Jadeite Jade, Dragon Pixiu Pi Xiu, , Dragon Chinese Carved Pendant, YGR-0323-1708206337

Jadeite Jade, Dragon Pixiu Pi Xiu, , Dragon Chinese Carved Pendant, YGR-0323-1708206337

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Stone Type: Natural Jadeite Jade (Grade A)
Pendant Size: 2.00 x 1.08 x 0.57 in.
Pendant Weight: 36.98 g
Translucency: Opaque to Semi-translucent
Unique ID: GTC-DY230313901727-8787

NATURAL JADE: This is a high grade jade pendant. It is completely natural jadeite jade. It is undyed and in its natural form.

CARVING: The Pi Xiu (also spelled Pi Yao) is a mythical creature from Chinese folklore that embodies wealth, good fortune, and protection. It is often depicted as a lion-dog with wings, possessing a voracious appetite for gold, silver, and jewels which it uses to bring wealth to its owner. However, it is said to have no anus, symbolizing that it can draw wealth from all directions without ever losing it. This unique characteristic makes the Pi Xiu a popular symbol in Feng Shui and traditional Chinese culture for attracting and retaining wealth.

Beyond its role as a wealth attractor, the Pi Xiu is also believed to offer protection to its owner by warding off evil spirits and negative energies. It is commonly used in homes, offices, and worn as jewelry to harness its protective and fortune-bringing properties. The creature's historical significance and mythological attributes make it a powerful symbol for those seeking to enhance their financial situation and protect against misfortune.

JADE COLOR: This particular piece has light green and white tones. It is slightly semi-translucent stone and allows light to shine through when held against the light or sun. This allows for a "glowing effect" when light reflects on the stone, which is beautiful under natural sunlight. This is a premium quality in jadeite jade.

NECKLACE: Adjustable. One size fits all.

GIFT BOX: Comes with a gift box. Perfect for gifts!

MINOR IMPERFECTIONS: This piece is hand carved and completely natural. It may have small imperfections from the natural stone or hand carving art. Depending on your lighting, monitor screen, or phone screen the stone may look slightly different in color.
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    Our products are crafted with authentic natural grade A jadeite or nephrite jade. Only jadeite or nephrite stone is considered jade.

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    Every individual jade piece is intricately carved, telling its own unique story and embodying distinctiveness.

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