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Jadeite Jade Longevity Lock Carved Necklace, YW-0110-1646676233

Jadeite Jade Longevity Lock Carved Necklace, YW-0110-1646676233

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This is a high grade jade pendant. This is longevity lock.

Longevity lock is a traditional Chinese symbol. It has the meaning of safety and longevity. The long life lock expresses the blessing of the parents, grandparents, or elders to the child.

The longevity lock is said to prevent negative energy from affecting the child. It is also a symbol and prayer for the child to grow up healthy and to live for a hundred years. People believe that if a child wears a longevity lock, he or she can borrow the blessings of hundreds of families to ward off negativity and grow up in peace. It is a symbol of health and peace.

This is the perfect gift for a newborn child or young children.

The necklace is adjustable. One size fits all. It comes with a gift box. Pictures are of the actual item you will receive.

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