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Yellow Jade Elephant Carved Necklace, YW-0110-1646608140

Yellow Jade Elephant Carved Necklace, YW-0110-1646608140

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This is a yellow quartz pendant carved in the form of an elephant. Yellow quartz is referred to as "Yellow Jade" in many parts of the world. The elephant carving is hand carved and has great yellow tones throughout the jade carving.

The elephant has been regarded as an auspicious animal since ancient times. It is a symbol of auspiciousness and great peace. It has always been loved by cultures in the orient.

1. Auspiciousness - The ancient buddha is said to have descended from the sky by the elephant. Therefore, the elephant represents auspiciousness in Chinese traditional culture.

2. Strong & Powerful - The elephant is the largest land mammal, huge, muscular, and mighty. It is seen as strong of body, so the jade elephant is a symbol of being able-bodied and powerful.

3. Longevity - The longevity of elephants is as long as 80 years. It is a symbol of longevity, so the emerald elephant means being healthy and longevity.

4. Fortune - The elephant's nose can absorb water, and it is famous for its good absorption of water. Water is considered wealth in feng shui. The elephant absorbs water, which symbolize that money is rolling.

The picture is of the actual item you will receive. The necklace is adjustable. One size fits all. It comes with a gift box.

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